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Pereiras Architects Ubiquitous



We Believe that careful, knowledgeable design should be ubiquitous.  

We Believe in challenging the status quo, in thinking differently, in making our buildings beautifully designed, simple and user-friendly. 


We Believe In the strong relationship between the developer, contractor, and architect, we nurture that relationship through responsive and respectful communication and action. 


We Believe that architecture encompasses the use of technology, business strategy, economics, law, aesthetic concerns, environment impact, branding, and most importantly function.


We Believe That good architecture begins and ends with design, every component, small or large deserves that attention.

We strive to provide quality service through an architecture that is technically sound, fiscally intelligent, and embodies an artistic statement. 


We are Pereiras Architects Ubiquitous.




For more information please contact us at:

(201) 616 - 7664

1116 Summit Ave. Union City, NJ 07087

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